Jacquard baby wrap Hinda Voice of Nature r.8

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  • 640,70 zł

Hinda Voice of Nature is a mixture of earth colors, subdued gray, blue.

Wonderful, fleshy, downy, they make wonderful pillows on the shoulders so you can comfortably carry your 3 year old. And if you have a newborn you are just beginning to enjoy, the softness and ease of binding of this wrap from the beginning will give you great moments of closeness.

The wrap, as you can see, is beautiful. The composition is 50% combed cotton/35%viscose/15% jaspe silk. Weight about 280g/m2. Softness, fluffiness, ease of binding. These 3 features perfectly describe the new Hinda <3 

Skład: 50% bawełna czesana/35% wiskoza bambusowa/15% jedwab
Weave: żakard
Kolor: niebieski, szary, zielony
Rozmiar: 8 (5,6 m), XL
Gatunek: pierwszy gatunek
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