Jacquard Baby Wrap Wolves Ginger s. 5

t's a bit ironic - wolf motive made of Merino sheep wool. As everybody knows wolves and sheep match together perfectly - at least from wolf's point of view  .
And this is the point of view you will assume putting on our new wolf wrap. Strength and freedom - that's what you will put on and that's what you will be beaming with. Strong enough to comfortably carry even a big child elegant mixture of 70%combed cotton and 30% Merino wool is perfect both for autumn strolls and for visiting friends.

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  • 396,00 zł

Skład: 70% bawełna / 30% wełna merynosa
Weave: żakard
Kolor: czarny, pomarańczowy
Rozmiar: 4 (3,6m), XS
Gatunek: pierwszy gatunek
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