Jacquard baby wrap Ladybirds s.7

Ladybirds- joy, smile and smell of spring.

The meadow smelling of juicy, green grass, the sun warming my child's face. And the joyful laugh of my little one, which resounds at the sight of every new flower, butterfly or ladybug, which I can show him and teach him something new about the world. I can see all this through my imagination when I close my eyes and think about this wrap.

The weight is over 320g / m2. The material is soft like a blanket and works nicely, so we can recommend it from the first days of life. At the same time, it is so strong that you will carry 3 years old in it and it will give you an extraordinary pleasure, because you will not feel its weight even on a long walk. The blend is 100% combed cotton of the highest.

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  • Dostępność: Jest Jest
  • 516,00 zł

Skład: 100% bawełna
Weave: żakard
Kolor: biały, czerwony
Rozmiar: 6 (4,6 m), M
Gatunek: pierwszy gatunek
Rodzaj produktu: chusty tkane